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fresh from our family farm

Wholesale Heritage Breed Berkshire Pork

Source fresh, hyper-local heritage breed pork for your farm-to-table restaurant.

for the trade

Wholesale Heritage Breed Berkshire Pork

Are you a farm-to-table restaurant passionate about nose-to-tail butchery?

Do your customers love quality, local ingredients with a story?

Our heritage breed Berkshire pork has been featured on menus of some of the most respected farm-to-table restaurants in BC.

Raised right here in Langley, our pork is flavourful, sustainable and 'so fuckin' good'.

What makes Coghlan Cottage pork special?

Quality Inputs, Quality Results

Just because pigs will eat anything, it doesn't mean they should.

Our hogs are raised on a custom-formulated GMO-Free ration supplemented by lots of fresh veg.

Raised Right, Right Here

Our farm is located less than an hour from Vancouver in the Township of Langley.

Being so close to town guarantees you the freshest product possible - without huge shipping costs or lead times.

Flavour, Flavour, Flavour

Because let's be honest - what else matters more??

We take our hogs larger + older than the commercial guys. The result is pork that is rich, well-marbled + ridiculously flavourful.

Got Questions?

Looking for something special? Have an event? Require different specs?

Give Jeff or Stacey a shout and we're happy to help however we can - whether that's whole or half hogs direct via the farm or through our partner butcher shop for custom requests.