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meet your farmers

About Coghlan Cottage Farm

It's time to shake the hand that feeds you.

hey there!

Welcome to Coghlan Cottage Farm.

We're Jeff and Stacey Langford, the hubby and wife team behind the farm. Together we've been slowly loving this old farmstead back to life since 2012.

Here on the farm, Jeff and I raise Heritage Breed Berkshire Pork, Grass-Fed Lowline Angus Beef, Pastured Eggs and two raggamuffin farm kids.

We started farming because, well, we love to eat! Why else would anyone work this hard? Good food, am I right??

Soooo, normally this is the part where companies tuck into their purpose, mission, vision and values  . . .

Buuut, if you asked my hubby what his "purpose" is here on the farm, he'd say:

My purpose???
To grow a freaking good pork chop.
What else would it be?!

( So, you won't get any of that here. )

What you will get if you come to see us, is -

A warm welcome, zero pretension, and some freaking good food.

At the end of the day, we saw many years ago how screwed up our food system has become, and we knew there had to be a better way.

So here we are, joyfully rebelling against industrial agriculture and working to build a kinder, less insane food system, one happy piglet at a time.

who we are

Meet Your Farmers

Heya, we're the Langford Family.

I'm Stacey - the voice behind the Fresh Sheet and the daily face of the farm.

My hubby Jeff and our two kids are the heart of our farming endeavours, working hard day in and day out to produce beautiful food for our community.

All four of us work as a team to put dinner on your table. Yep, just us!

what we do

Real Food, Raised Right

At Coghlan Cottage we specialize in heritage-breed pork, grass-fed beef and pastured eggs.

Farmer Stacey teaches courses and workshops in slow, sustainable living; everything from making soap from scratch to growing your first veggie garden. I'm also available for speaking, garden consulting and guest-posting.

In the farm store you'll find a selection of beautiful, useful items for everyday life.

Our focus is on sourcing and producing timeless, durable, eco-friendly goods that are a joy to use.

praise from our farm family

I love your messages which are as nourishing and satisfying as the food you provide.
Have been a loyal customer for years because of the great service. Happy, healthy chickens equals wonderful fresh eggs.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your apt musings and reflections; even if I’m not putting an order in, I devour and am nourished by your words nonetheless.
The produce, chicken, eggs, pork are all top quality. Real food. All natural.
Amazing products and even better people. Highly recommended.

Meet Your Farmers

Jeff Langford

A country boy from rural Ontario, Jeff hails from a strong farming family. He grew up raising beef on his family's farm. As a boy he spent his summers slinging hay bales and harvesting corn by hand.

A carpenter by trade, Jeff is responsible for bringing Stacey's dream store to life. Together with the kids, Jeff cares for the animals on the farm.

Jeff is passionate about preserving endangered pig breeds and reducing the incredible amount of waste in our food system.

Jeff has been crucial to the development of our neighbourhood farming co-op which helps our elderly neighbours to stay in their homes by maintaining their farm status while keeping the land productive.

He also volunteers with the Small Scale Meat Producer's Association and the Sheep Federation in research and advocacy for small farmers.

An avid outdoorsman, if Jeff isn't farming you'll find him in the bush or on the lake, fishing with our son.

Stacey Langford

When Stacey moved to Kitsilano to jokingly meet her husband, she had no idea she'd go from a suit and stilettos in a Robson Street office tower to gumboots and chicken poop, but here she is!

Stacey grew up near the ocean in Victoria, where she earned her BFA in Visual Art and English. Despite trading her canvases for compost, Stacey still paints and writes. Her paintings are available in the farm shop and she puts her writing chops to work on the Weekly Fresh Sheet as well as on her Substack, Slow Folk.

Stacey has been a Certified Master Organic Gardener since 2008 and teaches holistic, deep-organic gardening at the farm.

Stacey is a passionate advocate for local food systems and the soil. She has spoken at town halls for the Agriculture Land Commission, protested against monopolies in agriculture and worked with local government to protect our soil, water and the ALR.

When she's not running the farm shop, you'll find her making or listening to live music, swimming laps or cheering her head off at her daughter's soccer and lacrosse games.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

- rumi -

coghlan cottage farm

A Fresh Take on the
Family Farm

Coghlan Cottage Farm is a relatively new farm on a very old homestead.

We have been farming here since 2012, but the Henry Coghlan homestead was founded c. 1892 - making it one of the oldest homes in Langley, BC.

We're located just a few minutes east of Fort Langley, just north of the 264th Street exit from Highway 1.

how we grow

Regenerative Farming

We came to farming in search of an ecologically-sane approach to growing food.

We aren't certified organic and the reasons why aren't as straight forward as you'd think.

Learn about our (slightly rebellious) take on holistic agriculture below.

Learn More

stop it, you're making me blush...

Friendly faces and fresh eggs.
Must visit!
I really appreciate your thoughts each week! Your insights and honesty are very refreshing in these crazy times that we all find ourselves living in!
I am so grateful to have found your wonderful piece of heaven on earth.
They are friendly, knowledgable and they price their items fairly. I can't recommend them high enough.
I just want to say I enjoy reading your posts. It is inspiring to see someone walk the walk.
renegade farming

Our Farm Family Values

You'll discover quite quickly we do things a little differently here.

We value loyalty to our Farm Family and that means some old-fashioned ways of doing business.

Rebellious generosity, community activism and cultivating space for tough, important conversations are all part of our shtick.

blog post frivolous joy + contrarian sanity

Frivolous Joy + Contrarian Sanity

Spent this morning laying irrigation and planting about a million dahlias.

With all there is to do with the store build and just general life, planting so many flowers feels like a luxury. But as I prepped the beds before my kids woke for school, in the cool and quiet of dawn, I wondered - is it

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do it afraid blog post stacey langford coghlan cottage farm

Do It Afraid

The last few weeks have been a blur of birthing babies of the four legged persuasion and running my two legged babes hither and yon, game to practice, practice to game and game and game again.

In between I've been spec'ing lighting fixtures, trolling antique markets, labouring over the new website, sourcing products and agonizing over paint colours.

I'm exhausted. I am also absolutely exhilarated.

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a creative life | field notes blog stacey langford coghlan cottage farm

A Creative Life

Found myself daydreaming this morning when I was supposed to be working, drinking in the quiet with my coffee.

Instead of writing, I watched two crows dutifully go about their work as they gathered nesting materials in the rain.

I've been reading a lot about creativity lately. I've been struck by how broad the definition has become for me as I've grown older.

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Our farm store

6238 256 ST
Langley, BC Canada

Friday + Saturday, 1pm - 5pm