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blog post frivolous joy + contrarian sanity

Frivolous Joy + Contrarian Sanity

Spent this morning laying irrigation and planting about a million dahlias.

With all there is to do with the store build and just general life, planting so many flowers feels like a luxury. But as I prepped the beds before my kids woke for school, in the cool and quiet of dawn, I wondered - is it

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do it afraid blog post stacey langford coghlan cottage farm

Do It Afraid

The last few weeks have been a blur of birthing babies of the four legged persuasion and running my two legged babes hither and yon, game to practice, practice to game and game and game again.

In between I've been spec'ing lighting fixtures, trolling antique markets, labouring over the new website, sourcing products and agonizing over paint colours.

I'm exhausted. I am also absolutely exhilarated.

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a creative life | field notes blog stacey langford coghlan cottage farm

A Creative Life

Found myself daydreaming this morning when I was supposed to be working, drinking in the quiet with my coffee.

Instead of writing, I watched two crows dutifully go about their work as they gathered nesting materials in the rain.

I've been reading a lot about creativity lately. I've been struck by how broad the definition has become for me as I've grown older.

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