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handmade, woman-owned

Wholesale Zero-Waste Home Goods

Source zero-waste solid dish soap + eco-friendly home goods for your values-driven retail store.

handmade soap

Wholesale Zero-Waste Products

Do you own a zero-waste shop, a packaging-free store or an elevated home-goods boutique?

Do your customers love quality, handmade goods with a story + women-led, values-based businesses?

Our handmade, small-batch zero-waste solid dish soap + eco-friendly home goods are designed to bring joy to daily life, without the waste.

What makes our zero-waste products special?

Farm Fresh Ingredients

Our products feature ingredients grown right here on on our deep-organic family farm in Canada's bountiful Fraser Valley.

Handmade, Small-Batch Goods

Our zero-waste solid dish soap is handmade - from scratch, with love - in my studio in our 1892 farmhouse.

Zero-Waste + Plastic-Free

Our products are designed to help eliminate plastic + wasteful packaging from our daily lives.

Got Questions?

For more information on our product line, pricing and MOQ, or to place an order, please reach out to Stacey.