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Songbirds Over Cubicles

Songbirds Over Cubicles


Well. What a beauty of a day. Spent my morning planting the garden surrounded by my favourite coworkers (no - not my kids - ha!) but an absolute riot of wild birds. From tiny song birds - sparrows, chickadees, robins and the like to swallows and a woodpecker, ravens, a red tail hawk and the neighbourhood bald eagles.

And just now as I sit down on the porch to write this - the ruby throated humming bird sipping the last of the quince blooms.

More than anything else, the thriving, diverse wildlife on our farm is the thing I'm most proud of in my life's work. The fact that these tiny souls can flourish in their work along side me means more to me than any business accolade ever could.

Farming can be downright miserable sometimes, but days like these are such sweet reminders of why we do what we do.

So grateful to all of you who allow me to spend a Tuesday morning getting dirt under my nails and working on my freckles instead of being stuck in a cubicle somewhere, no birdsong to be found.

Thank you.

Don't forget - if you haven't yet picked up your tomato seedling order it is here ready for you. Pickup anytime during usual farm gate hours - Fridays or Saturdays 1 to 5.

As always.


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