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Suffering is Not Pie : A case for compassion

Well folks. Here we go. Another week, another round of doom-scrolling.

Honestly, this past week has left me at a loss. I'm not sure what to say so I'll leave you with this gentle reminder : Suffering is not pie.

There is so much hurt in the world right now that it's tempting to play the comparison game. To pass comments like, well they shouldn't complain - look at those people over there.

Could it be possible though, that one group's suffering does not detract from or diminish another's? That whether or not we feel that someone deserves their suffering, whether or not WE think it counts, it doesn't change that person's lived experience?

Suffering isn't pie. It is not a finite resource or a zero-sum game. As we witness daily - there is more than enough to go round.

We are living in a time when we hear from all sides complaints of division, of 'society' falling apart - but we have to remember that WE are society.

So if we want to live in a kinder, more compassionate world, we must practice compassion.

If we want a less divisive world, we must practice empathy for those we disagree with, have the courage to look for ourselves in the 'other'. To listen. To defend and hold space for the freedom and well-being of ALL our neighbours, not just the ones we like or agree with.

Suffering is not pie. Neither is compassion. There is more than enough of both to go around. It's up to us to choose.

If you are having a tough time with everything that is going on, please know I see you, and even with all the pain and suffering in the world right now - your hurt matters too. (And self-compassion? Also not pie, so no need to be stingy with that, either. Just sayin'.)

With love.

As always.


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