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abbotsford flooding sumas flats 2021

Come Hell or High Water

Just a quick note this evening to say thank you to everyone who has checked on us the last couple of days.

What a rain.

Feeling very lucky to report that we emerged from the deluge miraculously unscathed.

Today was a glorious sunny day on the farm; you'd never even known it happened, if it weren't for the military choppers and air ambulance back and forth overhead all day.

I know some of you - our Farm Family - have not been so lucky. I've heard from some of you who are stranded, or who live or work in areas hit by the flood waters. Please know we're thinking of you and if there is any way we can help, please reach out.

Once again when shit hits the fan I always do my best to take Mr. Rogers' advice :


Look after each other out there.

As always.


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