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Sumas Flats Flood Relief

So y'all made me laugh this week. Seems I should've put an explainer in regarding the mutton! Heheh.

Mutton is just adult lamb. It has a slightly stronger flavour and the chops are larger than the wee dainty ones our lambs provide.

So if you enjoy our lamb, chances are, you'll love our mutton! 

In other happy news - WE FOUND A FAMILY TO SPONSOR!

Finally. Mom's name is Sherry. She's a single Mom to four kids and was already having a pretty rough go prior to the floods. In 2018 her eldest son was killed in an accidental shooting on Canada Day. Just two weeks before the flood she had to move her Mum into palliative care.

Needless to say, she could use some lovin' on. I have asked her to send me a list of things that they need, but in the meantime I have the following info.

Sherry kids ages and sizes :

  • Brenna 14 : women's size medium
  • Alyssa 16 : women's size medium
  • Trenton 17 : men's size medium
  • Cody 18 : men's size medium

Both the boys work on the farm and could use warm work clothes, hoodies, sweats etc. Alyssa needs new winter boots, size 7.5.

If you'd like to contribute any of those things directly, or something else of a physical nature, I've set up a google doc here. You can also put here if you'd like to contribute food for Christmas dinner etc. Simply put what you'd like to contribute and put your name next to the item. (Crossing my fingers and toes I set it up right - spreadsheets weren't a big topic in art school)

As I get a list from Sherry, I'll add items there and keep you posted.

I'll collect everything here at the farm and deliver it on all our behalf.

If you'd like to contribute financially, you can do so via the link here. (Sorry, duno why it's in USD. Technology!)

You can also add a donation to your purchase when you visit the farm or tuck cash into an envelope. Whatever works, and every little bit helps. 100% of your donation will go directly to the family. The farm will cover any transaction fees. Since this is strictly grassroots, I can't provide a charitable donation receipt.

Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity. It still feels wrong and surreal to be preparing for the holidays when so many folks lives have been shattered, so close to home.

But as I've shared with some of you over front-porch chats in the past, I do my best to live in my circle of influence, despite the fact it's so damn small compared to my circle of concern. But no matter. All we can do is deepen into that space, do what we can, where we are, with what we have, and keep finding reasons to be hopeful.

As always.



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