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Final Fresh Sheet of 2022

Anyone else not quite sure what day it is? Gotta love that glorious fog of timelessness that is the week between Christmas and New Years.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and a big shout-out to all my fellow introverts for surviving. We did it. Hope you all enjoy some well-earned reclusiveness this week.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for another great year.

We just sell meat and eggs here. We aren't solving world hunger or I don't know what else . . .

But I feel like especially over these past few years now, we've done important work together.

I want to say thank you for how open each and every one of you have been to one another, to my quirky earnestness, to things that matter.

We have talked about big things, difficult things, things that we disagree about.

We have cried on that damn porch together more times than I can count, and shared belly laughs and hugs.

As we move into another year of uncertainty and unimaginable suffering around the globe, my wish for all of you is that the coming year is abundant with more beautiful questions.

The questions we ask of ourselves, of each other, of the world around us - these are what determine the shape of our lives.

So when we bump up against things we don't understand, people who are making choices different from ourselves, or suffering beyond comprehension, I hope we can ask thoughtful, considered questions rooted in curiosity, compassion and hope.

The quality of our questions determine the quality of our lives. Make them rich, life-affirming and beautiful and so will be your life.

If I don't see you - Happy New Year.

As always.


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