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reframing priorities during the holidays towards ease and joy

Happy Christmas

Brrrrrr!!! I tell ya, anything past -10 puts this little old house and wood stove to the TEST, and we were clockin' -21 with the windchill this morning! Yikes. Thank goodness we're hardy folk.

Hope everyone is staying warm and (hopefully) able to stay home and off the roads after that massive dump of snow last night.

I've spent the last few days focused on the kids - baking up a storm and bickering over board games. These days of them wanting my attention are so fleeting, more of them behind me than in front, so even when I want to strangle them, I'm still pretty darn chuffed for the time.

Speaking of shifting priorities during the holidays

After my 'you don't have to do all the things' email, I got a great nugget of wisdom from one of our Farm Family, Marian (love you!).

She broke my mind a bit when she pointed out that doing NONE of the things is an option, too.

What a liberating realization!!

Reframing what is 'normal' during the holidays might seem a bit petty given the broader state of the world, but actually, I think reevaluating the invisible, unhelpful assumptions baked into our daily lives is one of the best ways to start to heal.

So many of us feel that society is coming apart at the seams, but we often forget that WE are a part of that living, breathing entity. What we do, the choices we make, what we are willing to accept as 'normal' - or not - matters.

I duno if she really said it or not, but there's a Mother Theresa quote that fits the bill here :

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

If I don't see you, Happy Christmas. 

As always.


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