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It's Happening!!

It's happening!! It's really, finally, honest-to-goodness HAPPENING!

Those of you who've been with me for a while know that I've been talking about getting the heck off the dang porch fooooor-eva.

Today, after years of talkin' (and grumbling) about it . . . we are pouring concrete for the foundation of a brick-and-mortar STORE.

Think of it - walls!! A roof! HEAT!!!!!! I can finally get all the eggs and egg cartons and candles OUT of my tiny living room. Can I get an AMEN!??

I am so freaking excited / terrified.

Running a heart-centered business has been such a strange, discombobulating, soul-nourishing, surprising and yes - terrifying - adventure.

I never in a million years thought I'd be doing anything like this when I 'grew up'.

All I can say is I am so, SO grateful to have you along for the ride.

After spending last weekend with me here, Abby exclaimed, quite shocked - You KNOW all your customers!!

It caught me off guard, cause I don't think of y'all that way.

I just said - Of course I do. They're my people.

And so you are.

So I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for building this quirky, heartfelt community with me.

Thank you for opening your hearts and minds on the 'Free Speech Front Porch'.

Thank you for the kindness and generosity of spirit you show one another.

And thank you for the compassion and support you always show me.

This isn't always easy. There are plenty of days when all I want is to light a match and burn it all down.

But you should know I keep a file with all your kind words of support and encouragement. This is what I turn to when things feel dark or just too dang hard.

It is a constant reminder that even when I can't see the way forward, I know, in my heart - I am on the right track.

Y'all keep me going.

With heartfelt gratitude. Onward!!

As always.


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