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Rebellious Resillience

Good morning! A Fresh Sheet on a Tuesday for a change. Look at me go.

Thanks to everyone who's already signed up to join us in The Holistic Harvest, Preserving the Harvest and The Holistic Winter Harvest!

I'm really looking forward to seeing both fresh and familiar faces in the classes this year, and delving into some new topics.

I know learning how to make pickles might seem kinda . . . frivolous? with everything that's happening in the world right now, but actually, I think it's exactly the kind of thing we need to focus on when the whole world goes to pot.

When I open up my pantry to see gleaming jewels of summer there, hovering, suspended in all their delicious, nutritious glory . . . It's a reminder that I have all the knowledge and tools I need to provide for my family. Those jars of pickles and beets, carrots and salsa - those represent empowerment and security in an uncertain, sometimes frightening world.

Whether you only grow a pot of basil on your windowsill or rip out your whole front lawn to grow veggies like we did in East Van, doing so is an act of joyful resistance.

In the process, you will shift your identity - at first imperceptibly and then all at once - from a mere consumer to a producer.

You will recognize the truth; you have more agency and power than you've been told. You CAN do this.

Once you learn to provide some of your own basic needs for yourself, however small, and realize that a) it wasn't that hard and b) it was actually kinda fun and maybe even deeply satisfying. . . you'll start looking round at other areas of your life with curiosity and a mischievous spirit.

What other powers might be lying dormant inside you? What other things could you reclaim control over? Build resilience around?

Teaching y'all how to save seeds, grow your own food, put food by - is one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. There is something deliciously subversive about empowering others with tools to build resilience in yourselves, your families and your communities.

So thank you for the opportunity to do work that fills me up and brings me so much joy.

Lots of pork in the freezer this week, and I think there may be a fresh delivery before the weekend - If so I'll reach out to the next folks on the waitlist for the Taster and Family Packs.

Thanks again to everyone who has joined. Can't wait to get you growing.

As always.


P.S. To all our customers from Ukraine and Russia and Eastern Europe in general (we know we have many of you from that region of the world) please know we are thinking of you. It is always the regular, innocent people on both sides who suffer the most. If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate - even if it's just to lend and ear or a shoulder. Part proceeds from Farm Sales for the month of March will be donated to The Ukrainian Red Cross.

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