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What Doesn't Bend, Breaks

The end of November is upon us. How did that happen?? I still haven't canned all the tomatoes I jammed in my freezer in a panic in September!

It's snowing on the farm as I write this, and as difficult as snow makes farming, it also comes as a relief. Once the snow flies, there are so many tasks that simply get crossed off the list and assigned to a new column under 'next year'. Thank goodness.

But that doesn't meant it'll be a winter of knitting and books by the fire, and that's ok, too.

Everything has a season, even seasons of running when you would rather be resting.

There's no point in feeling shame or beating ourselves up when it happens. So many of the challenges we all face these days are so far outside of our control.

It simply is what it is.

There is a power in that acceptance, one that many of us overlook.

I see so many folks on social media complaining about the cost of living crisis and displaying their expensive grocery hauls as evidence . . . only to notice that they are still buying commercial breakfast cereal, boneless / skinless chicken and heads of iceberg lettuce for $8.99.

The prevalent attitude seems to be - This isn't fair! I shouldn't have to change my shopping habits because (insert villain of choice here) screwed everything up!

And when someone helpfully suggests tips on how to grow their own, or avoid markups by shopping farm direct - They are also quick to point out all the good reasons why they simply can't do it.

It's not fair, they're right.

But refusing to adapt won't smite our enemies down like a flash of lightning from on high.

Making changes to our daily habits isn't a sign of weakness, giving-in or giving-up. It's also not going to solve the root of the problems we face. What it will do is provide our families and communities with a little grace and resilience in the coming days.

Sometimes, resistance and rebellion look like living to fight another day.

As always.


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