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You Don't Have to Do It All.

Well, are you ready?? We are about to launch into the chaos that is the height of the holiday season.

From one (slightly frazzled) human to another, I just want to say - This holiday season, you don't have to do all the things.

No, really.

It is ok to say 'no thank you', to take a pass, to do less.

There is so much pressure at this time of year to make holiday magic for our kids, to find the perfect gift, to splurge on our families (even if simply affording groceries feels like financial gymnastics), deck out the house, go to all the parties - in short, to do All. The. Things.

I, for one, am refusing entry to all Elves-on-shelves and any other fairy-devils designed to make my life as a mother miserable for 24 days straight during what is already a hectic time of year.

You have enough on your plate. It's ok to say thanks, but no thanks.

And the truth of the matter is - what our families and loved ones need is NOT more stuff or more pressure for the holidays to be a perfect, sparkling, magical time.

What they need is us - for us to be well and to be present. (And to be free of over-priced-elf-induced psychosis. That too.)

In that spirit - I won't be adding extra days this holiday. We will be CLOSED Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (both fall on Saturdays this year), open regular hours on the Fridays.

As always.


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